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Pisces: zebrafish development
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U W A, ANZLAA, and Tecniplast, have announced a Zebrafish Husbandry Course!

  10th 11th 12th Sept. for full details visit the ANZAAP Forums.


See the Aquatic Symposium page

Australia New Zealand Association of Aquarium Professionals inc.

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What makes quality reproducible and reliable scientific research?

What makes high quality, healthy Biotope displays?

Quality information. 

ANZAAP is committed to supporting research and public aquarists by sharing high quality peer reviewed information amongst our membership. 

Formed by Husbandry and Veterinary specialists for the benefit of professional aquarists.

Our People

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Alhad Mahagaonkar


Alhad (Al) is ANZAAP President for 2019.  Based in Auckland New Zealand Al has managed the zebrafish core facility at the University of Auckland for almost 13 years.
Over the years, Al has overseen many facility expansions and renovations, and is responsible for quality animal care, husbandry, system maintenance, operations, user education and training.

Al also manages the Biosecurity and compliance aspects that are set out by internal and external regulatory authorities.

Al has been a long standing member of the ANZ zebrafish community and a member of the ZHA.  He has participated in and presented at various Aquaculture America and ANZ conferences on the zebrafish component.

Al is keen on promoting and developing better husbandry standards for aquatic research models, especially zebrafish, as while the model is extremely popular and continues to grow, there is little standardisation in place.


Bruce Newell

Vice President

Working for Deakin University in Geelong, Bruce has been involved with the zebrafish model for the last 10 years and is a member of both ANZLAA and ZHA.

Deakin University are in the process of tripling their capacity for zebrafish research and Bruce is heavily involved in this process.

With over 25 years of self employment in aquatics and herpetology he has been involved in a large range of different aspects of aquatics including system and equipment design & construction, curation of large scale marine aquaria, building fish rooms and providing consulting services to many different institutions.

Bruce Is 2109 ANZAAP Vice President

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Diana Baumann

International liason

Diana is ANZAAP’s International Liaison for 2019 and she is based at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, Missouri (U.S.) where she has worked since 2003. She currently holds the position as Head of Reptile & Aquatics and is responsible for the management of a wide range of non-mammalian species. The facility has worked with zebrafish since 2006, cavefish since 2016, and a variety of aquatic invertebrates since 2005. These include emerging aquatic model organisms such as planaria and the sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis

Diana is a member of AALAS, IAT, LAMA, LAWTE, ZHA, and ANZLAA. She regularly speaks at local, National, and International meetings. She has been a member of the animal ethics committee at Stowers for 14 years. She serves as an Ad Hoc Consultant for AAALAC international.


Diana served as class president of her  2008  Institution of Laboratory Animal Management (ILAM)course and she obtained Certified Manager of Animal Resources certification in 2010.
Diana served on the ILAM committee for seven years, chairing it in 2011 and 2015; and is now vice-chair of the AALAS Education Resources Committee. She is an active member of the Laboratory Animal Management Association Education committee. Diana is recipient of the 2011 Ron Orta Memorial Award, the 2015 LAWTE IMPACT Award, and the 2016 Charles River CHARTER Medallion.


Gill Web

Gillian Lawrence


Gillian Lawrence is ANZAAP’s secretary for 2019, and host of the upcoming 2020 Aquatic Symposium.
Gillian works for the University of Queensland’s Aquatics division of Research & Husbandry Support. With a background in Marine Biology, Gill has 10 years of experience with venomous marine invertebrates, laboratory zebrafish and xenopus models.
Enthusiastic about all things aquatic, Gills interest in the industry began with a curiosity about larval feeding and methods of improving captive performance.
rob crop

Rob Jones


Rob Jones is an aquarium veterinarian based in Melbourne. He visits and consults to all major public aquariums in Australia and New Zealand and more recently Asia. Through his business “The Aquarium Vet” he has developed the E – Qauarist course, an online training resource for aquarists working in any field.

Jason 2

Jason Cockington

Outgoing President

Entering research aquatics in 2004 at the University of Adelaide’s ZebrafishFacility, Jason has more than a decade of experience with the operations and management of zebrafish aquaria.

Jason has an international profile in the zebrafish community, speaking at international meetings on various elements of zebrafish culture.  He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA ) and the Zebrafish Husbandry Association ( ZHA ) an organisation for which he served as Vice President in 2009.

Jason has been passionate about delivering world-class standards for research aquatics, with a keen interest in zebrafish larviculture and life support condition of RAS aquaculture.

Jason has left the research industry for a time and is working in a non related field for the moment.


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