Australia New Zealand Association of Aquarium Professionals inc.

Mission Statement

A not for profit association that provides support and quality peer reviewed information to its membership of professional aquarists.

To provide a forum for dissemination of information to further the science of aquarium design, maintenance and aquatic animal husbandry and health, both in aquatic research model organisms and species of public aquarium significance.

Committee Member

Dr. Robert Jones

Rob Jones is an aquarium veterinarian based in Melbourne. He visits and consults to all major public aquariums in Australia and New Zealand and more recently Asia. Through his business "The Aquarium Vet" he has developed the E - Qauarist course, an online training resource for aquarists working in any field.

Committee Member

Cecelia Jenkin

Cecelia is the Senior Aquarium Technical officer for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney where she has been employed for 15 years. Previously working with The Garvan Institute her breadth of experience with Zebrafish husbandry is extensive. Cecelia is a member of both Anzlaa and ZHA.

Committee Member

Dr. Lucie Nedved

Lucie is a qualified vet working in the aquatic field as well as in a University setting for University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Committee Member

Could this be you?

ANZAAP has developed from the Australia & New Zealand Zebrafish Husbandy group.
Originally dealing solely with zebrafish research, the organisation has grown to include elements of the public aquaria groups as well as a strong focus on animal welfare and aquatic health. 
ANZAAP is responsible for organising the Aquatic Symposium which is an annual event that brings together a wide range of professionals including Facility managers, Veterinarians, Technicians, Animal Welfare Officers and Industry representatives. 

Come and join us!

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