Membership applications




  • Australia New Zealand Association of Aquarium Professionals membership is not open to the general public.
  • Membership is restricted to people working in research institutes and public aquaria and the associated support businesses.
  • Membership fees are $50 per year for individuals, and a corporate membership of $150 allows for 5 people to join or $250 for 10 people to join.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you have an institutional email address, it is best to use this when applying.  Membership applications are evaluated by the committee, and if accepted an invoice is sent to the email address that you supply.
  • Please fill out the contact form with the subject line “membership application”
  • Please ensure that you detail your connection to research or public aquaria in the “your message” section to ensure that we can process your application quickly.

Thank you for your interest in ANZAAP.